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Ambassador Program

WBL sends Hip-Hop artists abroad on a regular basis to perform, teach workshops and master classes, and learn from/collaborate with their counterparts in other countries.  The program also brings international visiting artists and artists-in-residence to the US. In the next two years, WBL will engage with the following countries:

  • Toronto (2016)
  • Lebanon (2015/2016)
  • Uganda (2016)
  • United Kingdom (2016/2017)
  • Saudi Arabia (2016)
  • Pakistan (2016/2017)

#ArtistsDoGoodBetter (International)

#ArtistsDoGoodBetter retreats are spaces for artists, community organizations, and institutions in a specific city to learn from each other’s experiences, collaborate around community solutions, and share their resources. WBL will host these retreats in the following countries:

  • Brussels (2016)
  • Pakistan (2016/2017)
  • Uganda (2017)
  • South Africa (2017)
  • South Korea (2017)

#HH4ALL & Jam Sessions:

#HH4ALL consists of virtual creative sessions and workshops between international artists from the comfort of their own countries before connecting in person all in one location.

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Magnets of Creativity: The Transformative Power of Public Art in Pakistan

The transformative power of public art in Pakistan is intended to share the interdisciplinary nature of visual art forms, specifically photography, street art, graffiti and mural arts. Through creative place making and our Hip-Hop framework, we will develop the capacity for local, national and international public art creation and performance.

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